200% guaranteed accurate, validated
B2B contact data generation.

All industries, job functions and titles, demographics, and locations.

B2B contact data - accuracy guaranteed

Quality business contact data is the building block of an effective sales funnel. Our teams of lead generation experts source & validate affordable highly targeted B2B contact leads for organizations worldwide. We offer a 200% guarantee on all B2B contact data: if you find any inaccurate data, then we replace those with twice the number of records. A completely risk-free process for our clients. No other organization comes close to this.

B2B contact data targeted precisely to your requirements

Our team of lead generation experts source and validate highly targeted B2B contact data for organizations worldwide. Let us know what you need or ask us for a specification template for you to complete. We specialize in hand-sourcing B2B email addresses, telephone numbers, and social media profiles for all job titles and positions in all industries and sectors globally, in all locations, and covering all demographics. Our clients range from Events & Conference Organisers to IT providers, from Recruiters to internal marketing departments of virtually all industry sectors. Contact us for some free test B2B contact data.

Multi-stage verification and validation

Our proprietary multi-stage verification and validation process allows us to acquire laser-targeted B2B contact data, 200% guaranteed.

We never provide contact data leads twice, and we use advanced exclusion list suppression to ensure that you never receive data that’s already in your database.

Our data processes adhere to all global data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, ensuring that your data is secure and compliant.

AI-generated personalized email content

You know that in the competitive world of email marketing, mere name changes in the email body won’t cut it anymore. You require in-depth personalization, highlighting how your specific products and services can directly benefit the recipient’s specific business.

To this end, we’re offering a new column in our B2B contact data which will be AI-crafted, customized email content, ready for seamless integration into your CRM or email management system.

We work with you to understand your business and prospects and calibrate our AI tools to generate the email content. It’s brand new and it’s amazing our clients. More info here: AI-generated personalized email content.

B2B contact data – an entirely risk-free process

Once we have your requirements we will send you a ‘preview file’ which has all the data fields except the email addresses and telephone numbers. You delete any that you think do not match your requirements. We then deliver the full data via our secure portal, which we call TransferJi. If you find any inaccurate data, then we replace those with twice the number of records. Only then is payment due. A completely risk-free process for our clients. No other organization comes close to this. With our cost-efficient services, you can quickly and inexpensively acquire a 200% guaranteed B2B contacts database, data cleansing, and contact data enrichment. Trust us to provide you with the only 200% guaranteed B2B contact data available.

DataJi's proprietary process, from requirements, data QA to analytics

"DataJi constantly surprise us with the accuracy of the data we receive..." Patrice G

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    At DataJi we take your privacy seriously and will only use your data to provide you information related to your business enquiry.

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