Elevate Your B2B Outreach with DataJi's Newest Service: AI-Generated Personalized Email Content

DataJi has always been at the forefront of providing high-quality, bespoke B2B contact data. We don't sell data packages; we source, validate, and verify data tailored to your highly specific specifications. And now, we're taking it a leap further.

Why is this important and how does it work?

The most crucial aspect of this new service is the email content itself. It’s not just a generic message; it’s a detailed, company-specific pitch that outlines exactly how your services can benefit the recipient’s company. This isn’t just personalization; it’s hyper-personalization. Our systems locate information about the company online and then apply how your products and services can be applied to benefit the recipient’s company. We include information gleaned from the recipient’s company website so that the recipient knows you have ‘researched’ that person and their organisation.

Our AI algorithms will craft emails that make the recipient feel as if you’ve thoroughly researched them. This would have taken a team of email content generators and totally out of reach for most marketing departments. Not anymore.

Contact us to find out more. We will show you examples of email content that will be generated specific to your products and services.

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    At DataJi we take your privacy seriously and will only use your data to provide you information related to your business enquiry.

    The DataJi guarantee

    As always, we offer a 200% guarantee on our thoroughly validated and verified data. With this new service, we’re not just meeting industry standards; we’re setting them.

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